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The Jotaka Perverse and D-Cap – Introducing The Illest (2012)

Release Date: 23-05-12

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Poetic Death – Clochard Céleste ft. Katha

Track produced by Kwervo.

Demonios Sekt – From North To South Of Hell Vol.03 (2011)

Release Date: 21-12-11

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Vida Killz – El Cukui ft. Poetic Death

Track produced by Kwervo.

A selection of Hellbound aka Kwervo’s joints (2011)

Release Date: 06-11-11

UndergroungHardcoreRap made a selection of 46 tracks produced by Hellbound aka Kwervo, for the release of the compilation album “A selection of Hellbound aka Kwervo’s joints”, as always, it is available for free!

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Demonios Sekt – Circles (2011)

Release Date: 08-04-11

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JMega Ft. Wordisbon – Tru Kingz

Track produced by Hellbound.

Poetic Death – Hamlet (Produced by Hellbound)

From Poetic Death’s 9th Up and Coming Album “Shakespeare Science”.
Track is produced by Blaze One producer Hellbound.

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Blaze One – Master Avenger

Go to Hellbound’s YouTube Channel for more.

Demonios Sekt – From North To South Of Hell Vol.02 (2010)

Release Date: 12-21-10

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